The Instinctive Life Process

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One on One Coaching

Instinctive Life Coaching WorkbookThe Instinctive Life process was designed to help you by finding 100 things you can use to choose your career or enhance the one you have.

You’ll be using a 50-page workbook that will help you discover over 100 positive attributes you can use in your career.

What You Get:

  • A 50-page workbook
  • A 35″ x 45″ custom map documenting your skills, passions, priorities and elements of purpose
  • 1 hour/week phone calls
  • 24/7 access to Tammi

Career Assessment

If you are interested in the process, but would like to make sure it’s a “right fit” for you, reach out to me for a free 1 hour conversation.Get Your Career Assessment Now!

Online Self-Study

In this Online Self-Study you’ll identify 13 Elements of your Purpose which can transform your career.

udemy_brand_logo_greenIncluded in this package:

  • 1 hour worth of 2-4 minute lectures where I explain the “8 Characteristics of Purpose”
  • Access to 8 client case studies to help you identify your 13 Elements of Purpose
  • A downloadable pdf document to use as a tool for your research

When you discover your “13 Elements of Purpose,” you’ll begin applying them and transform your career.

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