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The 2 Reasons I Named the Company “Instinctive Life” and Other Gems

Bill asks why I named the company “Instinctive Life” and Robb asks, “What if someone’s career change is coming, they know what it is, but they have to WAIT! How do they stay focused on the long-distance change?

This is a great episode for anyone facing a long-term career move.

What If My Significant Other Doesn’t Support My Job Change?

This and other concerns are talked about on the Wake Up Call with Robb and Bill on KPNW:

  • What if my significant other doesn’t support my job change?
  • Can this help college age kids who are dissatisfied with college?
  • What happens to folks who feel something is missing in their job? Do they return to their current career or find something else after doing your process?

“How Many Clients Turn to Business Ownership?”

In this radio show, Bill asked the question “What percentage of clients do you have that go on to owning their own business?”

I told him that half of the clients I work with who choose to move to a different career end up owning their own business.

He asked how a person can know if they would be a good business owner. Although I could determine that more easily if I had some time with an individual, but for starters: do you see more efficient methods? do you look for better processes? do you recognize poor management and communication?

If you’re constantly analyzing how a business is run, then it’s probable that you have natural skill in this area.

Is it time that you stepped out from behind someone else’s desk?

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