“My kid’s just a lump of clay!”

It’s probably one of the most daunting times as a parent, as their kids face the
vast unknown of their life after high school…
But it’s extremely scary for kids.
Now, it won’t look like they’re scared. It will look like they don’t care, but they do – on some level, for some reason, they do care about their future. It’s just so unknown, they don’t know how to proceed!
As a parent, it’s ideal to figure out just what they care about. There is a book I recommend for this, it’s called The Passion Test. Click here for Amazon site to view or purchase.
This test identifies the top 5 passions your kids have near and dear in their heart. They don’t even need to share it with you, though I would recommend your whole family do it at once. It could be a powerful tool in helping your family re-solidify before your kid moves off on whatever path they wish to pursue.
Good luck with this. It’s a powerful moment that can either make or break your family. Your kid will be fine…guaranteed. Life has a way of moving them in the direction they need to go. So if they’re taken care of, shouldn’t you be focused on keeping your relationship healthy and helping them as much as possible?
I think so (:

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