About Tammi & Instinctive Life

About Tammi & Instinctive Life 2017-03-11T15:37:47+00:00

You were born with a purpose, and until you use it, you will feel like there is something more for you to do.

I came back from a trip to Alaska, feeling like a foreigner in my own life. I didn’t want to go home; I didn’t even want to be with my family. I wanted out.

After months of searching, I discovered some truths about myself that had been missing in my life – elements of my purpose. Eventually I came to the realization that until I used my purpose, I would never feel “at home” again.

The Instinctive Life Process

I developed the Instinctive Life process to research what your purpose is so that you can start using it. In researching my own purpose, I discovered I am both a scientist and a race car driver. I love to research purpose and then apply that research to your career so you hit the winner’s circle, every time.

Instinctive Life Philosophy

  1. We are all born with a purpose
  2. The purpose we each have is equal, yet
  3. The combination of our skills is unique.
  4. Your skills feel easy, comfortable and you enjoy using them.
  5. To find your best career path, you must study your skills and purpose and then
  6. Apply them to your career until you are using them 80% of every day.
  7. Your purpose comes from your Higher Power. A relationship with this being is essential.